Hunting Deer and Foraging

16/05/2016 Main

My buddy and I are looking forward to our next big hunting trip. The last one was almost a disaster as his piece of junk jeep broke down en route.  Luckily for us, we broke down very close to a hillbilly mechanic who patched the old motor up in no time. Back on the road, hungry and tired, we made it to his hunting lodge around 12.30am. After sinking a couple of beers we both collapsed into a heap in our respective bedrooms. Our alarm clocks sounded at 4am. It’s very important to wake early when hunting for deer in North America. Wake too late and you’ll miss the deer during their own early morning hunting games. Read more

Thrill Seeking Kids

07/04/2016 Main

My friend Eddy has a couple of kids, both boys, and he’s as mad about motors, sports and motorsports as I am. He really wants the boys to join us on some of our adventures as they’re becoming older. Eddy is not the type of Dad you’ll find on a soccer field. You’re much more likely to find him buzzing around on dirt tracks or waterskiing at the local reservoir. He wants his boys to join him so they can have some father to son bonding time and they have been asking him eagerly if they can come with him, especially on his quad biking ventures. Eddy is very concerned about the boys’ safety. After all, all of his activities are high adrenalin junkie pursuits and come with risks attached. His wife is constantly worrying about him so goodness knows how she’ll feel about her two son’s also taking part in thrill seeking activities. Read more

Rokon Dude

31/03/2016 Main

Hunting in North Dakota: Read more

Buying a Campervan

15/03/2016 Main

Hi folks! Welcome back. I have had a very busy week at work and at home but I am excited about the coming months!! Read more

Transporting my R-Type Bentley

02/02/2016 Main

Welcome back again, how’s everyone doing? Well I’m doing pretty sweet I must say, works going well, everything’s settled at home and today the rain has finally stopped outside so I really can’t complain. So I’m going to get things rolling with my next post and, it’s kind of following on from my last one really. Remember that I was talking about my prized asset, the 50’S R-Type Bentley sitting pretty in my garage at home and I also mentioned about wanting to get it to some car shows this year? Well, I think I also said that I was a bit nervous driving it when I last took it for a spin as I was so worried some dimwit was going to pull out from nowhere and dent it. I would be absolutely beside myself if that happened so my senses were on overdrive as I was trying to keep my ears and ears focused. Read more

My Classic Bentley R-Type

30/01/2016 Main

Welcome back guys. I bought this early last year in mint condition but have had a few tweaks made to it over the last 12 months so that its ready to parade at this year’s classic car shows. The soft tan leather inside is set-off beautifully against the silver exterior. The little additions that you got inside these Bentley’s were great. There’s rear foot rests, picnic tables and vanity mirrors. It even has the original old radio installed. Read more

Which Squat Rack

25/01/2016 Main

Now if you’re one of those guys that always makes an excuse about not having time to go to the gym (but still manage to watch Eastenders), or you’re one of those people that does work truly mangled working hours where forming any sort of routine is just a nightmare, or there are any other excuses you can think of, but deep down, down in the depths somewhere is someone that actually wants to a bit (or a lot) or exercise, or at least try and keep fit, or get that beach body next time you go away on your summer holiday. Read more


11/01/2016 Main

Hey everyone, hello and welcome to kind of the first official entry into my blog of sports and cars and all that goes with it. I’m not your average American motorsports fan because I actually like F1. A lot of us shun F1 for some reason, probably because it wasn’t our idea, and you know what us Americans are like! Read more

Lamborghini Huracan

03/01/2016 Main

So I said that I love all things cars and sports, and I’ve just been reading up about one of my favourite cars, one that I would love to drive one day; the Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2. Read more


Sports N Cars!

26/12/2015 Main

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog on sports and cars and sports cars and motorsports! Ha! Do you think I like sports and cars? Even better when the two are combined. My name is Luca and I love watching anything with an engine racing something else with an engine!