BMW Motorrad Concept Scooter

Hello fellow speed freaks, welcome back to my vehicles blog. Do any of you follow the big auto shows, like the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy? I watched it, and was really intrigued by the concept scooter that BMW showed off. BMW are calling it the reinvention of urban mobility on two wheels, and it has a major focus on being emission free. The scooter itself has a very unique body style, one that looks like it came out of a sci-fi universe. Called the Concept Link (I like calling it Link), this scooter comes with a fully electric powertrain, with battery packs that are stored in the floor and a small motor spinning the back wheel. This being just a concept means that there are no specifics on charge capacity, battery output or anything like that. But it's a neat concept. 

The Look

The bike sort of resembles the BMW touring bike, if you threw it in the dryer for a couple hours. As someone who rides around on a scooter all the time and see tons of other people riding around on a scooter I think that it looks pretty cool, but I can understand why people in the real world would think it looks fairly dorky. Thanks to the electric engine freeing up space, the scooter is more streamlined with a low height and geometric paneling. You also get more storage space, and since I can assume BMW would make a manual scooter I think that is great. There is a cleverly hidden sliding door on the side that opens up revealing a luggage compartment below the seat allowing for you to store all of your valuable groceries. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below, and have a great day!

Motorrad Scooter