Buying a Campervan

Hi folks! Welcome back. I have had a very busy week at work and at home but I am excited about the coming months!!

So me and a work friend have been talking a lot recently about how we need a break. It goes much further than just booking a holiday though because before long you are back in reality and have to wait another 6 months before you can afford (money and time wise) to book another holiday. Anyway, we were trying to think of a solution to this problem and we came up with what we feel is a practical, reliable and cool alternative. At first our wives thought we were having a bit of a midlife crisis but after actually sitting down and explaining the rationale behind our idea they are even more excited than we are.

So our big idea is…………… get a campervan! Neither of us could afford to buy one on our own but we can comfortably afford to invest in one together. I would normally be a little bit sceptical about going into something like this with a friend but we have worked together for years and both have very similar ideas and interests. We are both relaxed, easy going people so I know there will be no problem with agreement on certain decisions or when it comes to deciding who goes away when.  I guess what also makes it easier is that our wives and children are all good friends too! I guess we all just decided that enough is enough and we need to do something that allows us to get away from the normality and repetition of our daily lives. Owning a campervan will give us the freedom to go away whenever we like and will give us the opportunity to spend quality time with our families, something that is really important to us all. So, the next process is actually deciding which campervan to buy! Will keep you all updated on what we decide and any suggestions will be more than welcome!