Hunting Deer and Foraging

My buddy and I are looking forward to our next big hunting trip. The last one was almost a disaster as his piece of junk jeep broke down en route.  Luckily for us, we broke down very close to a hillbilly mechanic who patched the old motor up in no time. Back on the road, hungry and tired, we made it to his hunting lodge around 12.30am. After sinking a couple of beers we both collapsed into a heap in our respective bedrooms. Our alarm clocks sounded at 4am. It’s very important to wake early when hunting for deer in North America. Wake too late and you’ll miss the deer during their own early morning hunting games.


We’ve had no success with catching large game in the past few visits to the hunting lodge but.on this occasion, Dirk and I saw a beautiful doe in the distance just after 5am. One lucky, or unlucky for the deer, shot from Dirk and supper was ready. Dirk butchers the animals himself and then portions them up so that we share the winnings between the two of us. We’ve always done it this way, regardless of who was actually responsible for the lethal bullet. ,


A deer goes a very long way between two nuclear families, so we always freeze the various cuts of meat at the lodge and then refreeze them as soon as we get home.  This way we can keep the meat fresh for longer. We always have a piece of newly killed, super fresh meat for our dinner when we go hunting together. On this occasion, I cooked us both a venison steak with garlic mushrooms, creamed potato and green beans. We bought the potatoes and green beans with us and the fridge is always stocked with butter, as is the larder with seasoning, spices and flour. A new addition to our dinner this time, however, was wild mushrooms. I have been getting very into foraging recently and, when I’m not reading about the latest sports news or about the latest vehicles I wish I could afford, I have been spending my time reading about foraging. I have learnt how to differentiate between poisonous and non poisonous mushrooms. These were huge field mushrooms, so delicious with garlic butter!



That’s all from me today. Catch up with you soon!