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My John Deere Side by Side

Hey there everybody, I would like to welcome you all back to my vehicle blog. Today I want to talk about something that, as a farm boy, I have wanted to talk about for a long time and that topic is side by sides. I recently picked up a John Deer Gator Dump online from for way less than I would pay in store and I love it. I used to use these all the time when I was working in the oil field, they are amazing vehicles for driving around fields full of rocks and dips, we even managed to get one up a creek once! These awesome machines fall under the category of UTV, or utility terrain vehicle and are one of the most helpful vehicles you can use when there are no roads. I want to share with you my love of these awesome vehicles.


What is a Utility Terrain Vehicle?

Utility Terrain Vehicles, or UTV’s for short are small 2-6 person off-roading vehicles with some sort of framework around the drivers and passengers. They differ from all terrain vehicles in that they are a more working vehicle, meaning they have side by side seating arrangements(thus the nickname side-by-side) and typically have seat belts roll cages and even cargo capacity. Utility terrain vehicles are also much larger than All Terrain Vehicles as they are usually designed with a large cargo area and some models can carry upwards of 1,200 pounds above the operator's weight thanks to this. The John Deere Gator is a good example of this (you can view the exact spcifications if you like at John Deere’s website here ). There are of course many many different makes and model of Utility Terrain Vehicles built for different purposes, including some built for the ice and snow!


winter side by side


Are These Vehicles Safe?

As I mentioned earlier, the majority if not all Utility Terrain Vehicle come with roll-over protection in the form of either a roll cage, a complete upper frame and sometimes netting as well. Some models even include windshields, interior framework and airbags. Most countries still restrict these vehicles to off road only however, meaning that transporting can be quite difficult. Utility Vehicles in my opinion are still quite safe, I have been in accidents with All Terrain Vehicle, Snow Mobiles, motorcycles and probably more but I have never even been injured while in a Utility Terrain Vehicle. This of course is just anecdotal evidence as to the safety of these machines, but as I have spent a considerable time driving around and being driven around in these machines I feel like it should count for something.


Up and Coming Utility Terrain Vehicles

The Utility Terrain Vehicle market has expanded so much in the last couple years, it can be hard to keep track of what models are coming out and which ones are biting the dust. Luckily for you all I have been considerate to compile a list of some of the cooler and more adventurous models out right now.


2016 John Deere XUV 825i Special Edition Gator

John Deere this year released a special new Gator aimed at customer who work long days and hard nights. This new model is capable of holding more tools than any previous model, with two integrated tool boxes and roof LED lighting to help finding that stupid flathead that is never where it should be. Both of these toolboxes are located an opened from inside the cab, and have 3 compartments between them both with an overall carrying capacity of 150 pounds of tools and sandwiches.


John Deere Gator 825i


2016 Arctic Cat 4x Utility Terrain Vehicle

The new Arctic Cat 4x is more of a fun Utility Terrain Vehicle than a working one, which is shown with its 90 plus horsepower Twin-V engine. Built with seats for one driver and three buddies, this new offering from Arctic Cat has a more stretched version of the roll cage than any of its predecessors to comfortable fit all four people and keep its best in show for passenger comfort award. To make up for what seems like an unsafe machine, all seats are located below the centre of gravity meaning the people in them get thrown around more, and there are also 3 point harnesses for each seat. The Wildcat leads the industry with its 17/18 inches suspension and 13 inches of clearance, helping it cover any kind of terrain that gets in your way. The 90 horsepowers that make all this safety gear necessary is achieved with a liquid cooled Arctic Cat 951cc H-2 V Twin 4 stroke complete with electronic fuel injection, giving this machine more torque than almost anything currently on the market. I think I want this one now.



 Arctic Cat 4x