Hey everyone, hello and welcome to kind of the first official entry into my blog of sports and cars and all that goes with it. I’m not your average American motorsports fan because I actually like F1. A lot of us shun F1 for some reason, probably because it wasn’t our idea, and you know what us Americans are like!


I’m intrigued as to how the new season will go. Will Mercedes continue their dominance? Will Hamilton claim a fourth world crown and go down as one of the best in history? It’s all very interesting. This is backed up from an article I read about Daniel Ricciardo claiming that if Red Bull had the cars of Mercedes then they would win. Is he saying that they have better drivers than than Mercedes? It’s a big claim. It’s widely perceived that Louis Hamilton is probably the most gifted driver of his time so for Ricciardo to come out with that is quite a controversial claim. Hamilton has claimed that Mercedes will continue crushing the opponents and there isn’t much out there to make a dispute with that.


Sad news from the world of NASCAR recently as Marvin Panch passed away on New Years Eve. He was 89. He is a member of the hall of fame and was considered to be one of the best drivers ever. I remember my grandfather talking about him a lot, he won the Daytona 500 in 1961.


Another recent sad loss from motorsport is the passing of Tyler Alexander. He was American-born but was pretty famous over in old Blighty. He was a founding member of the great McLaren team, but was also highly regarded here as chief mechanic of Rutherford, when they won the Indycar 500 in ’74 and ’76. He was 75.