My Classic Bentley R-Type

Welcome back guys. I bought this early last year in mint condition but have had a few tweaks made to it over the last 12 months so that its ready to parade at this year’s classic car shows. The soft tan leather inside is set-off beautifully against the silver exterior. The little additions that you got inside these Bentley’s were great. There’s rear foot rests, picnic tables and vanity mirrors. It even has the original old radio installed.



These are magnificent cars and they have such a presence. I first remember seeing one, in Gold it was, back when I was a young boy helping my Auntie clean the dishes at her Café. This 80-year-old guy used to drive it in every morning for his tea and toast. It looked like his arms were going to snap having to turn the wheel to park it up. This was way before the days of power-steering so you have to give it a bit of welly and elbow grease.

Back to my Bentley, I took it out for a test drive the other day as it’s been quite a while since I drove it. It stresses me out as I’m so worried about some idiot crashing into me and denting it. It drives superbly and the 4.5L engine ticks along without missing a beat. The manual gear shift is smooth and the overall driving experience is very enjoyable. It’s a lot different to driving a car these days though. I felt like I was a part of the car rather than just the person driving it. Cars these days are so dull, the thrill of the drive has gone.