Thrill Seeking Kids

My friend Eddy has a couple of kids, both boys, and he’s as mad about motors, sports and motorsports as I am. He really wants the boys to join us on some of our adventures as they’re becoming older. Eddy is not the type of Dad you’ll find on a soccer field. You’re much more likely to find him buzzing around on dirt tracks or waterskiing at the local reservoir. He wants his boys to join him so they can have some father to son bonding time and they have been asking him eagerly if they can come with him, especially on his quad biking ventures. Eddy is very concerned about the boys’ safety. After all, all of his activities are high adrenalin junkie pursuits and come with risks attached. His wife is constantly worrying about him so goodness knows how she’ll feel about her two son’s also taking part in thrill seeking activities.


I’ve tried to reassure Eddy a bit that most of the stuff we do is away from main roads and in safe, secluded areas. I think there’s more risk attached to driving down the freeway than there is to quad biking around in a cleared forest. In fact, I might even bring my daughter along. I know she’d enjoy it and she always wants to be included on anything that Eddy’s boys get to do. Plus, who am I to discriminate? She’s just as likely to get a good handle on quad biking, or any other thrill seeking activity, as Eddy’s boys are.  We’ve also talked a little about the possibility of getting the boys some mini dirt bikes but I don’t think Ed could ever convice his wife of this. So, we’ve come to a compromise. We’re going to hire a couple of kids quad bikes and see what the boys, and my girl, think of them. If they continue to enjoy it several weeks in the perhaps we will think about taking it up a notch. I’ll be back soon to let you know how it’s going.