Transporting my R-Type Bentley

Welcome back again, how’s everyone doing? Well I’m doing pretty sweet I must say, works going well, everything’s settled at home and today the rain has finally stopped outside so I really can’t complain. So I’m going to get things rolling with my next post and, it’s kind of following on from my last one really. Remember that I was talking about my prized asset, the 50’S R-Type Bentley sitting pretty in my garage at home and I also mentioned about wanting to get it to some car shows this year? Well, I think I also said that I was a bit nervous driving it when I last took it for a spin as I was so worried some dimwit was going to pull out from nowhere and dent it. I would be absolutely beside myself if that happened so my senses were on overdrive as I was trying to keep my ears and ears focused.

My Pride & Joy

If that’s what I’m like taking it for a Sunday drive around my quiet neighbourhood and around a few country roads, then what on earth am I going to be like when I’ve got to drive it all the way to a car show and then all the way back? I’m also planning on doing a few over the year so I’m going to be a complete bag of nerves by the end of it if I’m not careful.

Why don’t I buy a Transport Trailer?

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday, why not get a transport trailer. I have a Land Rover that will easily tug a heard of elephants if I needed it to (slight exaggeration) so surely this would stop me stressing out about it getting damaged. I’d need to make sure it was secured via the wheels more so than tying any kind of rope round the frame as if the bodywork got damaged, it wouldn’t be much use at the show. Presumably, the car would stay a lot cleaner too as, if it was a rainy day for instance, the mud wouldn’t be churned up by the wheels and splattered up the side of it. So it does sound like the perfect solution, I’ve just got to find out pricing now and get one that’s localish so I can go and collect it if they won’t deliver.

The age old Question!

The way I see it, there’s two options. Do I buy one new or do I buy one second-hand? I’m guessing it’s down to price for starters and where I can find the type I want. I’ve found the style I was looking for at IWT’s website (Ifor Williams Trailers). As soon as I got on the website I noticed a picture of a classic car being towed by a Land Rover. The trailer had straps around the wheels that secured the car in securely so there was no need for any other reinforcements. Key features are the easy to use coupling head where it connects to your towing vehicle, 2m loading skids, sturdy support legs and TER registration. There’s a few different models to choose from so I’d have to do some measurements to make sure my big old Bentley would fit. The CT136 is heavy-duty so I’m guessing that would be the one to get. This option is looking a bit pricey though so I want to explore what I can get second-hand. Maybe I can find one of these trailers that they sell new, somewhere else, that’s been used, and going cheap.


Could be on to a Winner!

My look might be in, found a car transporter trailer for sale at an online used for sale auction site and they have the IWT CT136 used, for just over a grand. That would save me about half of what I would have to pay if I bought it new from the IWT website. The only drawback is that it’s not the heavy-duty model and it is only the basic single axel model. I may have been thinking that the single-axel might not be strong enough so automatically presumed I’d need the bigger built one. I’m definitely going to have to do the measurements now as if this trailer is suitable, it will save a lot of money. I’m going to message the seller and also double check some of the specs from the trailer on the IWT website so I’ve got all the dimensions and weight allowance stats handy. Fingers crossed it will be big enough and strong enough for my R-Type. I will let you know how it went later in my blog. Thanks for reading, see you next time.