Go on the Water this Summer

Hey there everyone, welcome back to my vehicles blog! The snow has finally melted, and for my family that means heading down to the lake for some swimming, fishing, and boating. Our whole family love to go on the boat, but since I had to sell my speed boat last year I was in the market for a new one. I didn’t want a speedboat this time however, and instead took a look at www.used.forsale/canada to find myself either a canoe or a kayak. I never went canoeing much as a kid, so I don’t know which one to get yet. I have some thrill seeker kids, so I expect they will want to use whatever is more dangerous. Kids am I right?


 Boating on the Lake


The first small boat I had a look at was the canoe. I was able to take a look at a couple different canoes that I saw for sale on http://www.used.forsale/canada/calgary/canoe and the sellers were all really nice. I also talked to a friend who has an Old Town Canoe, and he loves it but I thought it seemed a little too much for me. I like the idea of a canoe, but I am just so damn uncoordinated! I might look at getting a small one for the kids to try so they won’t be as bad as me when they are older.

 Full family Canoe


I have at least tried to go canoeing as a kid and ended up in the water, but I never even stepped foot into a kayak. I looked at the ones available on www.used.forsale/canada/calgary/kayak and am actually going to be checking one out later this week. Kayaking is something that might be a little harder to do as a family, most kayaks I have seen around here are single person kayaks so I would need at least two. The ones that I have seen so far that can fit more than one person are still only for two people, so it won’t be the easiest thing for us to do together either way.

3 person kayak

My Decision

I can’t give an exact decision yet, but I think we will be getting a fairly large canoe. If we can find one big enough then all four of us can go down the river at once, or we can bring it to the cabin and everyone can go out on the lake. The family was one of my biggest considerations when debating between these two, and if I can find kayaks for the kids then I might end up getting those and a canoe for me and the wifey. Well, thanks for reading my comparison of Canoes and Kayaks, I hope you are going away with some new thoughts. If you liked thi post and want to read another similar post, then please check out my last post on Kia Motors. See you later!